About Ruud Media

About Ruud Media

Telling Stories That Matter

Building a better wind turbine. Fighting the influence of money in politics. Raising money for charitable surgical outreach around the world. Removing dangerous guns from our streets. Getting local businesses online.

Ruud Media draws on modern tools and traditional tact to help businesses, organizations, and individuals tell their own stories. Collaborating with a network of artists, experts, and thought leaders at local and national levels, Neil Ruud has helped grow institutions from the ground up through compelling design, frank conversation, and stubborn advocacy for best practices.

Neil’s open-minded, goal-oriented approach to strategy, design, and development stem from the belief that the best ideas are shared and we all have something new to learn each day. Born to two teachers in rural Sonoma County, Neil grew up with an intense curiosity for all things and a knack for DIY solutions. For Neil, each project deserves a fresh approach with an awareness of context and a laser-sharp focus on a client’s goals.

Each great idea needs a comprehensive, tailored approach. Build the strategy your idea deserves with Neil.

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